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View Diary: Abramoff and Able danger: [w/ poll] Why Atta's face was covered before 9/11 and Able danger dismantl (164 comments)

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  •  Following from your comment above Mimi (none)
    It seems likely that the GOP climbed into bed with the devil for the money. They may have had their own cognitive dissonance, unwilling to believe that their Saudi sponsors could possibly be planning an attack of the magnitude of 9-11. They may have been prepared to accept the casualties of a lesser attack as an acceptable cost of doing business. 9-11, as we know it, may never have occured to them. They were probably willing to ignore what they believed to be a lesser plot, to call the Able Danger dogs off the trail in order to prevent exposure of their gravy train. It is probably all motivated by the lust for Saudi petro-dollars.

    Now that the connections are unravelling and being revealed, it will be interesting to see how far they go with the 'P*triot Act', and 'enemy combatant' designations of those who pose a threat to their cat-bird seat. The discipline among the ranks has been quite total so far. Will anyone blink, or turn?

    Perhaps it is the guilty knowledge of the high stakes game they have been playing, in the wake of their passive complicity in 9-11 that tempers their loyalty and omerta.

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