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View Diary: Abramoff and Able danger: [w/ poll] Why Atta's face was covered before 9/11 and Able danger dismantl (164 comments)

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  •  i can't keep it quiet anymore (none)
    in fear of being castigated by people on this site who are apparently living in denial, at least the denial of the possibility of pure evil. I'm with you. Nothing from these tyrants shocks me anymore.

    To me, just the nonexistence of an investigation by the SEC into the dumping of put options in the days before 9/11 speaks volumes of evil to me. It's a disgrace.

    The talk of invading Iraq just days (hours?) after 9/11 reeks of pure evil. Who could speak such words after such a stunning attack on America? Pure evil...Rumsfeld.

    Why were all the bin Ladens shuttled out of the country?

    Why were Saudis all of a sudden able to get visas so easily?

    Why do they act like they didn't know who bin Laden is? They've known for decades. In fact - they are family friends!!

    Why do they act like they never shook hands with Saddam and never gave him the weapons that they then claimed he had again?

    My favorite joke: How did Cheney know that Saddam had WMDs? Cause he has the receipt!

    But seriously...I'm not one to put all these complicated dots together, but my faith and my gut tells me that these folks are so, so, so guilty. They are so easy with a lie that it has to be more than incompetence. Incompetent people can still be good people at heart. These people are evil, lying bastards. Call me names, I don't care. I only hope that I hear the official truth in my lifetime. I'm only 27.

    You are a catastrophe that walks like a man. -- Bill Maher on Shrubya.

    by missreporter on Tue Sep 27, 2005 at 12:12:44 PM PDT

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    •  I'm right there with you (none)
      And wasn't it Rummy who stopped flying commercial airlines early in the summer of '01?

      There's just too much evidence that points right at these guys.

      I have so much hope pinned on Fitzgerald next month. I do believe that the truth will finally come out, but like you, I really want it to be in my lifetime (I'm 40).

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