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View Diary: Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Little (209 comments)

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  •  Medea Benjamin (none)
    Looks like she was also at DC's Green festival on Sat.
    Did she make it to the march?

    Any Kucinich/DOP on the board understand why Kucinich wasn't marching against the war?

    •  Don't know, but on Monday (none)
      she got arrested along with Cindy and 300 others for doing a sit-in at the White House.

      Code Pink had a HUGE group marching, anyway.

    •  dissapointed (none)
      about Dennis not showing up for support. I am part of the Dept of Peace campaign. Perhaps he thought it would hurt the campaign to be alingned with the protest. dunno, but I will post the question on the email group. I must say my heart is sadder because I really repect Congressman Kucinich.

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