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View Diary: Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Little (209 comments)

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  •  Tell that to the DLC (none)
    because I don't disagree with you.
    •  I do (none)
      Pacificism is a great a world full of pacifists. Otherwise, you're just guy getting beaten down and stolen from.

      (Note - I speak in general, and not in any context supporting the Iraq fiasco, which i oppose for reasons outside of pacifism.)

      •  Try to beat down a black belt Aikidoist (none)
        Go on.  Give it a try sometime.  You'll learn something about pacifism.
        •  I know Aikido (none)
          Not literally, but how it works. That's why I'd use a gun from a distance.

          Cute metaphor. Utterly worthless in reality.

          •  Escalation is worse than worthless (none)
            In reality, try using a gun to resolve a conflict at a bar sometime.  See how your gun helps when you get pushed in close quarters.  See how worthless your gun is when you have no intention of shooting the person.
            •  Not my point (none)
              My point is that someone else just might use a gun. Being six foot three, there's inevitably some 5ft idiot with a Napoleon complex about once or twice a year who will try to pick a fight at some bar. Now my choice is always to blow them off...why bother? Face? The hell with it...let the idiot think he's tough.

              But occasionally (every few years...luckilly as I've hit my 30's that's gone away) there's the fool who won't take "you win" for an answer. When that happened, I had two choices...let the idiot pound away, or fight back.

              In the real world, there are thugs. There are twits who pick fights. There are looneys. There are people who will pull out a gun.

              Only an idealistic fool will let themselves get clobbered.

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