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  •  I Must Up Catch Up With The Others (4.00)
    Maryscott, let me ask you a question.

    You're probably still in the middle of it all, and I doubt you've heard much of the admittedly pitiful reporting of the march by the MSM . . .

    but in any of the reports you did hear, did you ever once hear anyone, anywhere, report something along the lines of, "Notably absent from the speakers' podium were Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, John Conyers, Dennis Kucinich and other Democratic leaders"?

    No? What did you hear?

    You heard reports of 100,000 people marching to protest the war. That is the story, not the fact that we couldn't get a heavier hitter than Jesse Jackson Sr. to show up.

    I've already heard calls for the next march. And frankly, whoever organizes the next march (and if someone else doesn't grab the reins it's going to be ANSWER again, and we get to do the same song and dance) needs to get the Boxers and Kuciniches and Deans and Moores and Conyerses on the horn and invite them to speak, and if they won't be there, shout WHY NOT from the rooftops and start publicly and pointedly asking out loud in front of God and everybody whether if they're not going to show up to support a cause favored by two-thirds of the American people and most of the world, a cause that is right and just and honorable and big-D Democratic and little-d democratic, it wouldn't be better to go find someone who will.

    You won't hear it, but behind the scenes they'll be saying, "Gee, I guess I must hurry and catch up with the others, for I am their leader."

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