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    Cindy's protest is great, but not original. Is it really that different from John Kerry throwing his medals over the White House fence? Different from the Berrigan brothers taking hammers to nuclear warheads? Different from the many who poured blood on Selective Service files, or burned their draft cards? Or the many who stood on street corners with posters of a napalmed Kim Phuc running naked down the road?

    And those tactics weren't really that original either. The War Resisters League (founded during WWI) had been doing similar stuff for years before.

    It wasn't any easier to get heard in the sixties. Sure, the big 3 networks were more powerful, but hey, they covered up the antiwar movement, and they parrotted the Johnson administration's lies about how the war was going, just like today. And our side didn't have the internet--hell, we had to mimeograph leaflets.

    But you know what's really the same now as it was in the sixties? People saying we need to focus the message, people who denigrate their fellow activists for raising the "issue du jour."

    I remember well--back in the sixties, they were targeting the feminists among us, saying they needed to shut up and get in line behind the anti-war message.

    That didn't work, by the way.

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      Specifically what was different about Cindy's protest was that she went to the middle of the desert where the press corps were waiting to do something but cover the president's daily biking partner. It is rare that you get a full offering of media with tons of time of their hands and stories that need filing.

      Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote. ~George Jean Nathan

      by VirginiaBelle on Tue Sep 27, 2005 at 03:17:07 PM PDT

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