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View Diary: Delay indicted, steps down; new clown takes over (287 comments)

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  •  And then (4.00)
    when that spin is discarded as complete bullshit, the repugs will spin it on the liberal media.  And the circle continues...
    •  Totally irresponsible reporting. (4.00)
      They know Earle has also indicted Dems but neglected to mention that.  

      I saw the same thing on MSNBC on the Brown/Blanco thing.  Brown lied about the day Blanco ordered the evacuation.  Norah O'Donnell said now it was a "he said,she said" situation that they'd have to do some fact-checking on.

      WTF?  A major news network reports it's "he said/she said" as though the day Blanco ordered the evac is some elusive kernel of knowledge.  

      It gets worse every day.  

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