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  •  Cheers to clove cig smokers (4.00)
    Clove cigs were found to be vastly more harmful to your health than "normal" cigs. Perhaps the number of clove smokers will go down faster than the number of tobacco numbers.

    Damn. I sound like a republican, saying people are going to die sooner.

    Jeers to me!

    •  eh (4.00)
      i like cloves.  so sue me.  no wait, don't really sue me.  it was a figure of speech.

      i also love nat sherman mints.  and camel mandarin mints.  and I know I'm gonna die sooner because of it.

      but there it is.

      i'll quit someday.  just not today.

      The Global Struggle against Violent Extremism begins at home!

      by JLongs on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 06:41:31 AM PDT

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    •  But SIR! (or MADAM!) (4.00)
      who can resist the 15 mg of delicious tar, lovingly applied to EACH cigarette?

      Not ME!  (OK, I quit, but the old grey lung just ain't what she yoostabe, ain't what she use'ta be!).

      "Botched? What is that? The word of the Day?."

      by seronimous on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 09:55:28 AM PDT

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