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  •  Coldcheerin' (4.00)
    Cheers to all the wonderful people who have donated to my Atlanta AIDS Walk cause.

    Cheers to YOU if you donate too!

    Jeers to divisive leaders.

    Jeers to my bad mood.

    Cheers to Gwenyth Paltrow chosing to sit right behind me at Coldplay's show last night.  She's stunning.

    Cheers to Michael Stipe sitting next to her AND singing with them after the 1st encore.  He's not-so-stunning.

    Cheers to having faith and being patient.

    Have a great day everyone...

    •  Hey you... (4.00)
      Don't be dissing Michael Stipe... he's a god!!!  :)

      I think I may have to donate a lil bit to your Atlanta AIDS walk... Good for you!

      My friend Hans wants to pogo-jump up Mt. Washington in NH as one of his next local fundraisers... He's a bit goofy, but his heart is definitely in the right place... As is yours...

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