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  •  Cosmic C & J (4.00)

    Mega Cheers to the indictment of Delay. I never thought it would happen. Now let's all hope he gets convicted. Yipeeeeee kai aye ehhhh!

    Jeers to HR 3824 (Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005)which will be voted on in the House today. The wingers want to dismantle the Endangered Species Act. Call your Congresscritters today and let them know what you think. Lookee here for more info on this bill.

    Jeers to evidence that the Arctic is indeed melting more rapidly and it does not bode well.

    Experts at the US National Snow and Data Centre in Colorado fear the region is locked into a destructive cycle with warmer air melting more ice, which in turn warms the air further. Satellite pictures show that the extent of Arctic sea ice this month dipped some 20% below the long term average for September - melting an extra 500,000 square miles, or an area twice the size of Texas. If current trends continue, the summertime Arctic Ocean will be completely ice-free well before the end of this century.

    Jeers to Bush, Roberts, Frist and as always, Cheney. Just cuz. Oh yeah... 444 on all of them.

    Cheers to Bill and the Bobs. Hope y'all have a good day.

    Dubya, yer momma may think yer cute, but I sure don't

    by cosmic debris on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 06:42:13 AM PDT

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