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  •  "We Wanna Go Back To Beaumont!" C&J (4.00)
    JEERS for still not being able to get back home. Come on! WTF? Is our apartment still standing? You'll owe me for replacing my '57 Koufax and '68 Drysdale cards! (OK, that last sentence is semi-snark. Seriously, I want to make sure our place is ok).

    CHEERS - actually a big, huge Nelson Muntz laugh for "The Hammer," that slimeball Tom Delay (Repulsive - Texas). Will this give Nick Lampson a chance, or are there still enough fucking sheep in Sugar Land that'll vote for Delay?

    Oh...HA! HA!

    CHEERS for Rick Perry. Yes, I said CHEERS. He's actually doing a semi-decent job trying to get southeast Texas back on its feet again. I'm still voting against you next year, though.

    JEERS for anyone who still thinks GWB is doing a good job...and ETERNAL JEERS for GWB.

    JEERS to the fucking US Senate, who is going to confirm Roberts as our new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? WTF?!

    (Sorry, I forgot to warn you of my Category 2 F-storm. Too bad. You're all adults; deal with it. Yes, I'm grumpy. You would be, too, if you evacuated from a hurricane and still can't go back home...grumble.)

    Ari Mistral

    "George W. Bush: a disastrous President for disastrous times."

    by Ari Mistral on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 06:53:35 AM PDT

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