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    CHEERS to anniversaries. Yesterday, I celebrated a five year one... now if I could only convince her to get married. Of course, there's the whole problem of me being Catholic and she being... something else.

    JEERS to getting the "big shaft" at work. Looks like all my hard work and loyalty are going to earn me... a newly higher manager instead of a promotion.

    JEERS to Tom Delay and the rest of the Republicrimanals. Don't drop the soap. That is, on the off chance they actually are convicted.

    JEERS to gas prices. Another 40 cent spike this week. Just when things were getting back to normal.

    JEERS to Motorola cell phone chargers. If you're lucky enough to have an open "end" spot, they take up no fewer than two spot. if you're not that lucky... good luck.

    JEERS to wet carpet. My apartment company thought that replacing a few filters in my air conditioner would solve the waterlogged carpet. They were wrong, and it's getting worse.

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