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  •  Cheers to writing some checks! (4.00)
    Last Saturday was the initial work/planning group meeting of Take Back Red California.  This plan is the brain child of Marin DFAers and  some members of Oakland's Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club. The upshot is to have red county organizers connect with blue county resources and turn the red counties blue.
    So, our first assignment is to help El Dorado County Dems get a progressive environmentalist in an open Board of Supervisors seat.
    The election will be held on the 8th of November.
    Please help if you can.

    Norma Santiago Campaign
    925 Julie Street
    South Lake Tahoe, Ca 96150
    530-621-0630 - Francesca Loftis - campaign manager
    Checks payable to Norma Santiago for Supervisor.
    What they need money for right now, is local radio and tv spots.
    10 bucks whatever, lets help her out!

    Supporting Norma Santiago for 5th district Supervisor in El Dorado County

    Norma Santiago is up against a candidate funded by developers.

    Supervisory races are non-partisan in theory, but this one is definitely Republicans and developers vs. Democrats and environmentalists.  Last week a judge lifted the writ on the new General Plan paving (literally) the way for 10,000 new units.  In addition to the toll on water, open space, and wildlife corridors, traffic will have to be mitigated.  Roads and infrastructure will have to be paid for.  Raising taxes and general fees are the means favored by the current Board of Supervisors.  This is unmanaged growth.

    Norma is running to  represent the part of El Dorado County that covers that county's  portion of the Lake Tahoe basin.
    If you have friends or family, who own property or timeshares in the Lake Tahoe area or have any interest at all in  helping  keep the area
    safe environmentally and out of the clutches of  rampant development- (more so than it is now, I know, I know)  please pass this info along.
    I had a long talk with Francesca Loftis this morning and she is  very optimistic about their chances here.
     El Dorado Dems feel like they have a VERY GOOD CHANCE at capturing this BOS seat, and we must help them if we can.
    We are so busy here in Lake County with  special election stuff  and local issues, that probably the only thing we can do is kick a couple of bucks  their way,
    but IF anyone is so inclined, they are precinct walking in the Tahoe area from now probably til election day (not a bad excuse to go to Tahoe :-) )
    They have less than two months to get this done, and as I said the Dems up there feel like they have an extremely good shot at  taking this seat and shifting the balance of power at the local  level in El Dorado County (uhhh local - global --- who said that anyway? :-) )

    Here is the post from Take Back Red California outlining the situation up  in El Dorado County
    read letters of support here
    and one nutjob here from the Tahoe Daily Tribune

    Thanks for your help, this our chance.

    Precinct walk details follow:

    Volunteers -- email or phone Francesca for details about meeting place.  Thanks.

    First Name: Francesca
    Last Name: Loftis
    Email Address: floftis@cwnet.com0
    Daytime Phone: 530.621.0630
    Evening Phone: 530.621.0630
    County: El Dorado
    Sponsoring Organization or Campaign: Norma Santiago for Supervisor, El Dorado 5th District
    Job or Event Description: Precinct Walking
    Event Date: Oct. 8, 2005
    Event Time: 10:00-4:00 (3-4 hrs in this block)
    Event Place: Tahoe Area
    Precinct Walking: yes

    Walkers are invited to spend the night in the homes of El Dorado Democrats.  Details from Francesca.

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