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  •  Noted. (4.00)
    I don't use the "dry drunk" label on anyone, including George Bush.

    I think it's offensive to toss that label around and I've responded to its rampant use on other threads before.

    The "dry drunks" is a term for the way alcohol alters one's brain.  Even after one quits drinking, the bad patterns of thinking has to be addressed.  People can do this a variety of ways.  There are 12-step programs.  Some have developed a streamlined, but more intensive 5-step program.  Others need re-hab.  Still others rely on more traditional sorts of talk therapy.

    People are criticizing George Bush for eschewing any sort of therapy or treatment and just quitting "cold turkey."  If that's really what he did, what could have remained after all those years of abuse is the alterned brain patterns that lead to bad judgement that he had while he was drinking.

    •  Actually, after having done my inventory (4.00)
      I realized that my patterns of thinking and acting were set long before I started drinking. The alcohol was just enhancement and reinforcement. Of course drinking kept me from changing them; it was only after quitting drinking that I could hope to start work developing new patterns.

      vulgus vult decipi -- Phaedrus

      by fritzrth on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 11:41:35 AM PDT

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