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  •  So many today (4.00)
    First, and foremost, CHEERS to the DeLay indictment:

    On the other hand, JEERS to the "Katrina Investigation," for Bush, by Bush, about Bush:

    CHEERS here, as my Republican co-workers' heads explode, trying to figure out just which Democrat Bush will channel today.  He starts by imitating Kennedy, promising a trip to Mars.  Then, when the hurricane rains all over his polling numbers, you can't tell if he's Roosevelt (we will rebuild), Truman (okay, only a little, but he did take some responsibility), Kennedy (wait, you mean there really is racism?), or LBJ (free checking accounts for everybody).

    Then the peace marches start, while Republicans moan about the new Medicare drug benefit and civil rights for gays:

    and the best part of all, a conservation speech:

    I work with Republicans, and this is getting fun.

    On a sadder note, JEERS to the death of The Daily Pulse.  I was burning the candle at both ends and the middle, for 20 clicks a day.  I'll still post it sometimes at My Left Wing, but I'm done trolling for readers or contributors.  On the CHEERS side, maybe I'll have a minute or two to drop in on the cafe.

    And finally, CHEERS to anybody and everybody willing to wish me luck, because I submitted the cartoons to a few syndicates, hoping they would pick them up.  

    PS the rest of the cartoons can be seen at Hypnocrites, my cartoon blog.

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