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  •  It's people like you (none)
    that keep me from posting very much anymore. I give you a thousand apologies for such a heinous crime as posting a joke that has already been posted a number of times already. Oh the horror! the horror!!

    There are at least 10 people who hadn't heard it. I don't get a lot of free time to read every thing ever posted at this site, unlike you, obviously. Don't you fret though, I won't post again on here, that's for sure. With people like you around here, what's the point of posting? People JUST LIKE YOU can do all the posting for everyone else, that way there will be no danger of any faux paux like this happening! And what a relief that will be!

    BTW, I'm reading kos less and less as well because of this kind of thing said to each other, as well as quibbling over spelling and other such nonsense. Can't we all just get along? Do some of you really have to take the self righteous path each and every moment?

    It really makes the reading a whole lot less enjoyable.


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