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  •  I was a corporate serf (none)
    But remember, the Lord of the Manor is supposed to protect his own serfs, and provide them with security, medical coverage, and a pension.  In return, the serf was loyal to his Lord.  

    It's been a while since corporations took care of their employees, and the employees expected a lifetime career with one employer.  I think what we have now is something other than feudalism.

    •  heh heh (none)
      I'd agree that the feudal lords generally portrayed themselves as "protecting" their serfs... but from what I've studied of history, this was more of an ideology than a reality.

      But then again, I wasn't there... and if your tag means you're the CT Yankee in King Arthur's court, then I guess I'd better defer to your authority on the matter.

      Great book, by the way.

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