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  •  Some new terms to add... (none)
    ...and I'd love to see a dKosopedia section called "unspun terminology" develop from this...

    Just read this diary, and saw the following terms identified as probable new buzzterms for the neothugs and their base. I think they'd be worth adding to your list.

    Here's the terms:

    Get ready for all the buzz words; "criminalization of politics", "overzealous prosecutors", "politics of personal destruction", "why would anybody go into politics with all these investigations", "witchnunts"...........

    Yes folks these are the same people who were screaming "rule of law" during the blowjobgate. Now with treasongate on the horizon they want to "change the tone" and a "kinder and gentler" political climate. How convenient.

    Looking forward toward the creation of an anti-spin dictionary...

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