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  •  Got Some Harsh Words For You.... (4.00)
    ...Same ones I give to everyone who says they aren't actually going to work, but will be "out in the streets" once everyone else is.

    A) At that point, your contribution is meaningless because the balance has tipped. The revolution has already started and at that point, you're just playing the safe side of the fence to be for it rather than against it.

    B) At that point, your contribution is meaningless because there is a goddamned bloody revolution, which is failure for everyone. A goddamned bloody revolution with rivers of blood, molotovs, and assassinations is not what anyone wants. Or can live with. Or through. Some of us have children and family and for that matter countrymen we have never even met, and in many cases don't want to, who we nevertheless care about. Revolution is hyperbole, and hyperbole that has lost its currency. "Start the revolution without me?" How about, "No, don't start a revolution morons, because people f-ing live here." And for that matter don't be resorting to that cesspit of thought, that rhetorical sewer, whether you mean it or not or indeed especially if you don't mean it. I'm a libertarian socially and frankly, it pisses me off to have to pay tax dollars so some FBI agent can crawl all over you for saying something like that, which you should be allowed to but in fact are not, while there are maybe twelve genuine similar threats he or she could pursue instead.

    Cowardice? Hah. That cowboy BS really sinks in.

    It is true that bitching online is perhaps not the best way to spend your time, nor will it fill your life with joy. What will is actually building. Building a real progressive movement founded in action. If you are religious start a progressive church. If you are charitable then feed and house the poor and help them register to vote. If you are a leader, run for local office. If you are a suitable join the FBI or the CIA because our institutions need more good people in them (good luck with that). If you are nutty crunchy do some organic farming or find a CSA project to support. If you are a woman maybe La Leche League has a job for you. You need to be the change you want to see in the world.

    And then come back to DKos and MyLeftWing and get people involved in whatever real world progressive activity you have found. Positive feedback is required. Those other guys get that from NASCAR and line dancing and high school football games. Get it. Give it. In short, you are right, you need to get a life. But that is an extension of progressive politics, that is the next step, not a retreat.

    9/11 + 4 Years = Katrina... Conservatism Kills.

    by NewDirection on Fri Sep 30, 2005 at 05:22:29 PM PDT

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