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  •  Raybin... (none) are one of my favorites.  

    I remember on diary...long ago, some Friday evening like tonight, when it was a mojo bar and grille and you and mcjoan were flirting so bad, you should have gotten a virtual room.

    drinks were being passed out and the fun was so great and lol was every other comment...I think pontificator started the diary.

    That was the night when I knew this community was special and you were a big part of it.  mixing it up.  having fun.  making a fool of yourself for all our benefits.

    If you remember that night and are smiling, take it with you.  bring it out when the going gets tough.  

    Goodbye, and i hope we meet again.

    (note to self: take time off from "the cause" and feel the sunshine and breathe the air. Life is short, brian)

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