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View Diary: Libby Writes IN CODE to Miller? (438 comments)

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  •  Oh, absolutely (none)
    No argument from me there. I was just tossing out a bit of interesting trivia. Hopefully someone more intelligent than I can "root" out the neocon meaning. So to speak. ;)
    •  It sounds like a thinly veiled threat to me (none)
      kinda like, "we know where you live".
      •  Not to me... (4.00)
        I have always been of the opinion that if Miller was anything to these guys, she is the equivalent of a neocon CIA operative tasked with stovepiping their propaganda/information warfare material into the NYT.

        My take?  He's reminding her that they are connected and that they need her "in place" this fall to do the job. Kinda like they wanted John Bolton "in place" at the U.N.

        •  Actually... (4.00)
          That seems to fit.

          The aspens are all connected, and so are the "neocons". Perhaps Miller is being invited to rejoin her place in the "machine", as a propagandist.

          Perhaps they realized that Rove, or whoever it is that's going to take the fall, is doomed no matter what and so they'd rather collect their pieces and play to the best position they can get.

          It's maybe a "You're forgiven for your sins... We're not going to destroy you..." letter and not the other way around.

          ...Which, it seems, implies they have some new plan in motion--behind the curtain for now. I hate to say "Iran" again... but... well, i guess if they're planning something we'll find out soon enough.

          Paranoid, conspiracy-mongering stuff--but it's pretty curious nonetheless.

          The Shapeshifter's Blog -- Politics, Philosophy, and Madness!

          by Shapeshifter on Sat Oct 01, 2005 at 01:58:40 PM PDT

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          •  *nod* (4.00)
            ...Which, it seems, implies they have some new plan in motion--behind the curtain for now.

            That is my sense as well. When bush was looking lame-duck-ish in Aug. 2001, 9/11 happened to change the political equation.

            My fear is that with things going as they are, they will attempt some similar event to shift the political calculus yet again.

            Honestly, I had expected it to have happened by now. Maybe the delay in getting Bolton installed and the Katrina debacle has caused a slight delay?  Possibly. I do expect it, whatever "it" is, by Christmas or the Spring.

            However, now that I think about it, a friend of mine mentioned that some friends of hers who have a psychic sense about whats coming down the pike agreed that circa June 2006 was gonna be some serious shit. shrug I guess we'll see, no?

            •  I've been thinking that as well. (none)
              But have been quiet about it for a while so as to keep my tinfoil hat in the closet.

              "The responsibility of government for the public safety is absolute and requires no mandate." -Winston Churchill

              by hopesprings on Sat Oct 01, 2005 at 03:23:47 PM PDT

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              •  HuffPo comment, (none)
                Cheney personally went to the CIA. Libby got the info from him.
                The original leak to the White House? Porter Goss. He was Chair of the House INTEL and knew Valerie Plame from a previous capacity involving work parallel to CIA tasks.
                How so? Larisa Androvnova's interview with Joe Wilson he is asked why Valerie's maiden name was used. To him it meant someone most likely familiar with her Agency work during the time she was using that name.(RAW
                This could easily be Porter Goss. He knew her as Valerie Plame during their Intelligence Community cooperative efforts.
                Goss sees this, happens to meet Bob Novak on CNN. The week of the Plame outing Goss personally appears on the program to talks INTEL with Bob Novak and Tucker Carlson, who also was questioned.
                Connect the dots from there. Novak also mentions he got White House verification. Did Novak and Goss make visits to the White House on the same day, to the point their meetings overlapped? Were they sent out previously to coordinate talking points? To what extent does CNN(banned their chats and purged archives of Crossfire the same week) have a role in this?
                Anyways the PATRIOT provision let Goss see unredacted portions. Even if Mrs.Wilson was not identified by such procedure her name alone rung a bell to him.
                Goss makes partisan points by helping Cheney undermine opposition for his oil grab contractor porkbarrel. In return he gets the CIA director's nod as an INTEL coverup.
                Bush is a puppet. Cheney went to the CIA to vet Plame once given a notion of who to specify. Novak contacted the CIA and the timeline of this can be matched to his crossfire appearance with Porter Goss.
                FCC regulations require logs be kept of all such broadcast content. The timeline falls to the day on Plame's outing.
                Goss spots Plame, Novak is along for the ride. Bush's brain becomes part of Rove's partisan press campaign, after hearing the information from Condi's NSC briefings of Bush.
                Condi's right hand man got the info from Cheney's right hand man, whose boss personally went to the CIA to verify.
                Porter Goss got the ball rolling, but Cheney is the one who calls the shots. From there is was made an effort to do PR in a way that endangered the Intelligence Community's human assets in the field, in a post 9-11 world human capacities are supposed to be the most important field resource we have. George Bush curtailed decades of work within the Intelligence Community by endangering the people we have on ground doing the most sensitive and dangerous tasks.
                The IC has not released the damage assessment of the Plame outing. A pretty damning vote of confidence.
                Goss-White House-Cheney-Rice/Libby-Rove-Novak. The circle reconnects at Goss and Novak.
                Miller got her info not from Libby. She got it from a foreign National, Ahmed Chalabi. The penalty for such is Treason and the White House has two seperate trials involving the same outing. One a domestic breach, the other one foreign.

                Miller and Libby coordinated testimony in statements- such constitutes obstruction of justice. Libby should be jailed.
                Posted by: MrMurder on October 01, 2005 at 02:57am
                IT took a day for them to clear it...but the comment was on.

                Some of us know Miller and Chalabi as an item is  key, not Miller and Libby. it is why they had to corroborate their stories , as Libby has admitted to matching stories.

                Ahmed is a foreign agent and this makes it a clear case of treason, good background on Miller suggests she was part of the neocons, an asset, perhaps with low level intelligence community clearance. An 'independent verify' who was a plant all along.

                She's hiding her source because he is a foreign national. If it really was Libby this would have gone down just after the election theft of Ohio.

                It would have been a simple false purge/wedge issue painting it as a partisan hunt of a Staffer/Cabinet post.

                Rove love to makes Reps into the vitcim, but it was not done immediately. They had to flesh out what was known to determine what was really up. Rove was the first victim and it didn't pan with procedural disclosure. Then the NSC and VP come into light. Their dealing with the Chalabi extortionist makes it the last straw.

                Judy is protecting true Treason, not disclosure procedure flaws. The Bush people want to make this an issue of policy and not the spirit and intent of law, which Treason must prove and the evidence shown to this point directs one to a RICO suit to conspire, oust,expose,collude, and coverup the biggest crime in the line of disclosure breach since Benedict Arnold was in the Continental Army.

            •  I've been thinking that as well. (none)
              But have been quiet about it for a while so as to keep my tinfoil hat in the closet.

              "The responsibility of government for the public safety is absolute and requires no mandate." -Winston Churchill

              by hopesprings on Sat Oct 01, 2005 at 03:24:05 PM PDT

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            •  tinfoil hat wearer here (4.00)
              I fear they're gonna pull some shit a month or so before midterms.  I seriously pray that the fucking sheeple don't buy whatever crap they attempt to feed us. Given what's been going down, I dare to have hope that any "event" would only reinforce the knowledge that this regime cannot protect us.  Perhaps the culture of fear that they've so carefully cultivated will backfire. Man, I fucking hope so.
              •  Me too. (none)
                That's been the pattern.  They do whatever they damn well please up until about 6 months before an election, then they pull some crap - bogus terror threats and whatnot.  I'm afraid it won't work this time, so they'll go ahead and really do something that will put the fear back into the sheeple.
              •  I even have a tinfoil hat theory (none)
                I think the top neocon bosses are planning to have Bush assassinated if his poll numbers don't pick up significantly.  
                He was useful to them as the delivery boy of their crafted messages.  With his popularity tanking, he's much less useful.  The whole neocon machine, despite Democrats not having any power, is in trouble.  Bush's administration is being recognized as completely unfit for the job.  Libby and Rove could be in trouble over traitorgate.  DeLay and Frist are in trouble.
                However, he might be useful to them one more time, as a martyr.  
                I'm not sure the people would buy another terrorist attack scenario, especially because Bush's supposed "strong point" is "protecting the USA."  On the other hand, if the president is killed, he gets the luster of a fallen hero, and everyone forgets he was the worst president in US history.  Cheney gives a moving speech on national TV and unites and rallies the nation.  The Republican-controlled Congress passes all of "Bush's" (really his neocon bosses') legislative agenda to honor the "fallen hero."  
                Nobody can question these moves if they happen.  If you think it's tough now, being accused of being terrorist sympathizers when you disagree with Bush's spending priorities, imagine the political danger in trying to "divide the country" even after nefarious forces have killed the President of the USA.  
                Which of course brings us to the next point.  On whom would they pin the assassination?  "Terrorists" from a country they want to invade?  "Radicals?"  Irate Democrats?  
                In any case, Bush being assassinated would bring one more benefit for the neocons in charge: an opportunity to take away more civil liberties from US citizens.  
                I honestly don't think Bush will survive his second term.  
          •  Yes (none)
            Look for Miller to front-page "biological threats" from wherever, along with the inevitable Iranian nuclear program overmisestimation.
          •  Which as another Kossac k pointed out (4.00)
            on the Bennett diary thread, he says "Come" back to work.

            Not "get back to work," or "Get back to your work/your job/the Times."

            But "come back."


            "The responsibility of government for the public safety is absolute and requires no mandate." -Winston Churchill

            by hopesprings on Sat Oct 01, 2005 at 03:22:51 PM PDT

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          •  not (none)
            Maybe in their clouded minds they think Miller will enjoy some credibility in reporting on some future Iranian WMD scam, but the average NY Times reader will never swallow a thing she has to say again.  I think Judy is going to have to go the Fox news or the Michelle Malkin type blog route.  I can't wait to hear those kids reading her "Great Moments in Punditry" on The Daily Show...
        •  It's been rumored that Judy (none)
          is or was a CIA operative, hasn't it?
      •  Yes, a threat... (4.00)
        or a warning.

        "United we stand, divided we fall."

        He seems to be implying that although he's releasing her from her committment not to identify him, she better not forget that they're all connected. If she allows her testimony to harm them, she will also fall. That is why he let her stay in prison for three months, so she would know they weren't fucking around. Her best choice is to stay loyal, that is the only way she will be protected.

        "Come back to work... and life."
      •  Yes, a threat from capo to soldier (none)
        The "roots connect them". The connection is to Chalabi, and her role role, mixed in with him, that conncects them both to covert programs to push war in Iraq.

        He's saying: You rat on his, we'll leak information on you that will ruin your journalistic career, if not get you indicted yourself.

        Or, even more sinisterly, he's reminded her that Chalabi's people will get her if she doesn't stay loyal.

        Read this portion of the letter to yourself, with pauses and gravelly Brando voice. It clearly becomes a threat from inside the Bush/Cheney crime family to one of their errant, or at least unlucky own.

        Impeach Bush now!

        by Valtin on Sat Oct 01, 2005 at 09:01:12 PM PDT

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