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View Diary: Libby Writes IN CODE to Miller? (438 comments)

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  •  Fits in with my theory: Miller = DOD (4.00)
    Judith Miller is an undercover DOD (not CIA!) operative in the Office of Special plans.  {The CIA has been banned from using journalists like that for a while}

    Read up in the WaPo (Howard Kurtz) about her activities (not really reporting) on the WMD search team, where she was in effect giving orders.

    Note there are many "stories to cover":  i.e. activities to take.

    When would a government official TELL a reporter what stories to cover?  Ahem?

    Translation of message:  

    *) Get back to work, we have some jobs for you.  

    *) Note how the aspens all turn brown together, because they are connected in the "West" (i.e. USA, as opposed to Iraq=East).

    I.e. if you burn us, we will fuck you.    Get back to working for us, and you'll be able to enjoy your "life".   Ahem!

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