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View Diary: Libby Writes IN CODE to Miller? (438 comments)

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  •  Could it be THIS Aspen instead? (none)
    A bunch of conservatives, meeting at the Aspen conference, as reported by Novak here. The theme? Bush-bashing.

    I can see where the White House would want these "aspens" to turn.

    Of course, if this is truly the meaning (and not just some trees somewhere), then the rest of it may have additional meaning, as well. Wonder if the Iran nuclear threat is what will make the aspens turn?

    Even as I post this, though, I'm doubting my own post. Surely they don't plan on using an Iranian nuclear threat as justification for something, and mentioning it in a communication that they know will be made public?

    I'm just not ready to be fitted for tin foil.


    •  Oops (none)
      ... I posted before reading the comments below -- sorry.

      BUT -- how did he write a letter on the 15th (assuming the dates are accurate) talking about aspens on the 17th?

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