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View Diary: Libby Writes IN CODE to Miller? (438 comments)

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  •  sin of omission (none)
       What strikes me about this idea of code, is the same as osama bin ladin talking to his followers in code when a video is published in aljazera.  When Miller went to jail , the media kept saying , why she should even go to jail if she never even wrote a story on the cia leak. This struck me as a rational arguement, until now. They seemed to be giving her a medal for the fact that she never wrote a story. Maybe, the fact she never wrote a story is just as important as what she talked to libby about. I believe all the other reporters have done stories or have commented on talk shows. Maybe she knew too much from the start and knew from inside information that this kind of story would be too hot to handle. I know that in an artistic image , negative space, or the background can be just as important as the foreground image. Did she have a story ready to publish in the wings? If she were not some kind of insider, a reporter as ambitious as herself, would have jumped at the chance to publish some kind of story on this case especially after Novack published his story, clearing the path for the other stories that followed by other journalists.  Now Libby tells her there are new stories to write in the future. I find this kind of ironic.
    •  the non-story (none)
      I think she definitely had something to write but didn't. And of course we know she was not "waiting for a waiver"....I think she spent her time in jail negotiating what she'll get in return for not writing/talking about something -- maybe she'll get fed stories about Iranian nukes, biological threats, etc.

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