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View Diary: Your Vote in 2006 Won't Matter (With Poll) (163 comments)

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  •  This needs serious re-framing (4.00)
    your vote may matter much much more unless things are fixed, precisely because of the possibility that you may be playing uphill.

    Look, I'm all for doubting the results of the last election.  I don't honestly think that major hacking went on, although I am as sure as anything that Kerry lost many, many votes to voter suppression/spoilage.

    But what will cost Democrats even more votes is the idea that voting is not worth doing.  Your counting system is crap, yes.  It needs fixing, yes (including fixing to ensure that all who are entitled to vote can get to the polls and have their vote counted).

    But you also need to vote!  For God's sake don't spread the word that it's not worth it. Kerry almost certainly (IMO) lost the popular vote in 2004, and probably the electoral vote.  Because not enough people voted for him. Don't add insult to injury by putting people off voting!

    •  On that subject-- (none)
      From the website I just launched "Who's Counting"-- on this topic whoscounting

      But won't all of this negative information discourage voters from going to the polls?

      Good question.

      Some fear that overtly broadcasting this chink in the electronic armor of voting equipment might be contraindicated or flat out detrimental to GOTV efforts.  That it further erodes and diminishes voter confidence, thereby decreasing voter turnout.  Why bother to get off the sofa and drag yourself to the polls if you've been told your vote might not be counted anyways?

      Voter confidence is already at an all time low, and not without reason.  It's too late to return to earlier years' confidence levels, unless you intend to lie to the electorate--which is what some have chosen to do, but not a recommended solution. Education is desperately needed to get the public outrage decibel high enough to reach the corridors of Legislature and impact needed reforms.

      Why would we condemn earnest volunteers to spinning their wheels and resources to Get Out the Vote if in fact that vote won't be properly counted?  There has to be a concurrent and collaborative effort amongst both sides of the coin--GOTV workers and election integrity advocates.  They can delicately work hand in hand, one side should not invalidate the other.  Healthy GOTV grassroots efforts create an informed, more observant and vigilant electorate--more likely to recognize when numbers are seriously off kilter-- like in 2000 and 2004.  

      One sterling example of this type of collaboration in the grassroots can be seen in the parallel elections staged in the recent San Diego, California Mayoral race, July 26, 2005.
      This is one of my favorite ideas to come along that helps insure transparency on multiple levels.

      •  Terrific website by the way! (none)
        I'm afraid we have to draw attention to the issue in  order to bring any pressure for change. There are now 26 states that require a voter verified paper record of every vote. this time lasst year there were 10 - this didn't happen because everyone was careful not to question the accuracy and security of voting systems - on the contrary it came about through broadbased local concern over the technology  used to cast and count votes.

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