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    I was active in trying to garner support for the Holt bill in 2004 prior to the election. I was at a non-political event in Oct. 2004 and ended up being seatednext to 2 of Rep. John Murtha's [PA}aides. Over lunch I asked them what they thought about the bill and where Rep. Murtha stood. The told me they didn't know about it. Well, they did by the end of lunch. I then followed up by sending additional information. My energy level waned after McChimpy 'won' but I was delighted to go to your link to see Rep. Murtha is now a co-sponsor. Perhaps I did some good afterall.

    Jennifer-thanks for bringing Kossacks attention to this (for those who were not aware). I tell Republicans that this is not about being a Democrat or Republican--it's about being American and preserving our democracy. I remind them that Democrats as well as Republicans could easily hack the elections unless something is done.

    A BIG recommendation and a 4!

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      On getting this in front of Rep Murtha! You obviously did a great deal of good and I send you a great big, patriotic, Democracy-protectin' hug for your efforts!

      Glad to know you are talking with Republicans as well--it is essential that as many of our friends who support the other side of the aisle bubble this issue up to the Republican legislators, shame 'em into doing what should simply be the right thing.

      By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. --Benjamin Franklin

      by Jennifer Clare on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 12:48:42 PM PDT

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