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View Diary: The shittiest diary ever (an open letter to Raybin) (162 comments)

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  •  Because I love you... (4.00)
    ...I'll post the link to my diary of yesterday.

    Also, see my comment above.  

    Keep up teh funny, Bob.  The rest of us are just mere imitators.

    "It's time to come home, America"--Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), September 13, 2005

    by Raybin on Sun Oct 02, 2005 at 06:55:51 PM PDT

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    •  Thank god, Ray! (4.00)
      I'll go read your diary now.

      If you've really left for good, then who is posting under your ID?

      My god!  It's the ghost of Raybin!

      I'm freakin' out, man...

      Too inexperienced? Screw it! We need leadership! Obama/[FILL IN THE BLANK] in `08!

      by Bob Johnson on Sun Oct 02, 2005 at 07:07:58 PM PDT

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    •  Raybin (4.00)
       You don't need a GBCW moment, you need a break. I wasn't on last night so I missed your diary, I just read it. You feel as I have felt many times. Sometimes all the horror just takes the fight out of you. But, we need you, and you need us. You just need a break, look at the leaves, count your blessings, veg out in front of the TV watching stuff you'ld never admit to. Clear out the cob-webs and come back.
       PS, carnaki, I feel your pain. You just have to get control of that old gag reflex, Man, I'm glad my kid is grown.
    •  There's two places one shouldn't surf (4.00)
      without the proper shots:

      Lake Pontchartrain and Little Green Footballs (which is what we used to call the hard snotballs we flicked at the nuns when we were kids.)

      Nope.  You can't even double dog dare me to do that.  I care about my brain.

    •  You're 23. Go out and have some fun! (none)
      Been to Europe?  A smart, verbal young guy won't have any trouble picking up under-the-table jobs: tutoring English, busing tables, manning a bar or housecleaning.  Stay in youth hostels, meet people, just let the universe unfold as it will.  Maybe it'll be heaven, or maybe total crap. Probably, it will be a combination of the two.  You'll meet beautiful women (or guys, as is your wont), go hungry for a day or two, see the Mona Lisa, wake up hungover on a park bench, etc., etc.  But, above all, you'll be young and alive!

      Don't worry.  The world will still suck when you get back.  There will be a fresh crop of dragons to slay.  We're lucky.  Sisyphus didn't get R&R!

      If you have already done this, forgive the gratuitous advice. I'm old and can't help it... - Kicking against the pricks since '98!

      by chuckvw on Sun Oct 02, 2005 at 09:22:09 PM PDT

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