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  •  Iraq can only forgive us (4.00)
    if they achieve some sort of freedom first. Vietnam, while under a limited-freedom Communist government, at least maintained a degree of national unity and identity to the point where relations between the US and Vietnam meant something more than dignitaries shaking hands in a photo-op.

    Iraq, meanwhile, looms on the brink of Civil War or worse, a Middle Eastern war that draws in Iran, Turkey, Kuwait...I won't go over the litany of possible nightmare-scenarios we're facing right now.

    Point is, Iraq can't forgive us if they're under a theocracy not representative of the people. They can't forgive us if they remain fractured or collapse into Civil War. They can't forgive us while the country remains a hotbed of terrorism in the wake of our arrival there, and they can't forgive us without first having some sort of actual national identity.

    But the thing is, if they do achieve that, if Iraq does get to the point as a nation where they can forgive and have friendly relations with us, it wil have been due in part to us. It will mean that we had at least some success in Iraq.

    I pray that is happens, that the administration's failures don't hinder Iraq forever. But you really only get one chance to free a nation from despotism, and we appear to be in the process of wasting that one chance.

    The world's address
    a place that's worn
    a sad pun that reflects a sadder mess
    In case you haven't already guessed:
    The world's a dress.

    by Jaiwithani on Sun Oct 02, 2005 at 07:15:46 PM PDT

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