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View Diary: Miers Confirmation Hearing Will be Pure Gold (321 comments)

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  •  She's a decoy (none)
    Bush is putting her up knowing that the rabid right will shoot her down -- and THEN he'll reveal his REAL nominee:  

    Alberto Gonzales.

    You heard it from me first.

    •  Possible (none)
      but I doubt it.  I think Miers is perfect for their purposes.  She's a woman, which in and of itself guts concerted Democratic opposition if her name isn't Kirkpatrick, Schlafly, or Coulter.  She's not a known factor, and she's got some good personal relationships with Senate Dems like Reid and Schumer.

      But, like EVERY OTHER GODDAMNED POLITICAL APPOINTEE IN BUSH'S FIVE-YEAR TENURE, she's a Judas.  She's as rabid and sickeningly conservative as any of them.  She will toxify this court with her right-wing hate and intolerance(wrapped in Southern sweet-talk, a la Libby Dole) for generations.

      Thanks, Dems, for not fighting.  If you'll allow Bush to name his legal nanny to the Court with barely a whimper, then fuck your spineless goddamned excuse for a party.  I'm gone.

      •  Right on Man!!! (none)
        I couldn't agree more.  If we allow the balance of the Supreme Court to be thrown into a rightwing, corporatist, evangelical wingnut majority for the next 30 years, then I will be right behind you in the line out of this gutless Democratic party.  What good is it if it can't use what tools it does have- THE FILIBUSTER - to guarantee that we don't get a stealth Bush evanglical corporatist wingnut appointed to the highest Court in the land!!

        Democratic leaders, listen hard and long-if you cave in on this without finding out exactly how this woman believes on the important social and economic issues of our day-like you caved in to the stealth corporatist "original intent" candidate poster boy-Roberts-I swear, I will bolt the Democratic Party for the Greens or Socialists faster than you can say "damned chicken-shit gutless cowards.!!!"

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