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  •  But political theatre of this sort (none)
    isn't the foundation of the right's power. If we had a similar base--a nationwide network of prayer groups, talk radio, gospel hour, nightly-news, etc.--then I'd agree, the right loss is a wonderful to whip the base into a frenzy. But we don't have such a base yet. We haven't spent the time and money on the 'hot-button' issues, so our political theatre plays like, 'we went down in a blaze of glory to save the unborn.' That's just not the show that the American people will see: they'll see the 'obstructionist Democrat' show ... because the Republican have been putting posters up all over town for the past ten years, advertising.

    Shit that works for them won't work for us. They build a movement, an identity, they bound together God and party and the American Way ... and all we have is science and reality and good public policy.

    Let there be sharks - TracieLynn

    by GussieFN on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 12:40:02 PM PDT

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