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View Diary: Miers Confirmation Hearing Will be Pure Gold (321 comments)

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  •  Am I the only one ... (none)
    ... who thinks it is totally bizarre that: 1) Miers has never been a judge, and 2) that the Democrats gave Bush a thumbs up on this complete Bush insider?

    What is this?

    May all beings be free from fear.

    by shakti on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 04:55:25 PM PDT

    •  It is supposed to be bizarre (none)
      but this is Bushie world. Actually, Roberts doesn't have heck a lot of judge experience either, but he is the Supreme Justice now.

      The nominations tell about Bush more than anyone expected. He does not give a damn for principles and values. Get that, freepers! It is all about appointing crony friends. Or maybe, in Miers' case, it is about saving his own skin.

      Maybe everything will play out as Bush hopes. On the other hand... if you ever dreamed how Bush might choke with SCOTUS nominees, you should like the pattern: steath nominees, no one knows a lot about them and won't know before they will be on the bench. Fanatic supporters are pissed, Scalia and Thomas probably as well, not to mention Ediths and Gonzalez...

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