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  •  EARTHQUAKE (none)
    Still in the same building from L.A.'s last big quake.

    Although my apartment and one other are over the garage on this side of the building, it's stucco, which tends to crack rather than crumble, especially since this building has weathered the 50 or so years of quakes.

    Last quake we lost a tiny tip off the corner of the porch, and an easily repaired crack on one side, no hot water for a week, no gas for that period of time, no electricity for a couple days. The newish big hotel down the street (then a Holiday Inn) had water pouring out of the second floor windows (never a good sign) and required several months of repair.

    I just bought a radio/flash light with alternate sources of power: hand-crank, battery or solar. A first aid kit and tiny camping stove which cooks over tablets of some sort.  Am considering MREs, but my kitchen cabinets are already stocked with a couple gallons of water, some canned beans, vegetables, Indian food in pouches (!), and some power bars, which I otherwise wouldn't touch outside a quake.

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