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  •  So what you're saying (none)
    is that you want her to stick around on the court until 2009 even though she wants to leave and has sent a letter of resignation? Saying that we don't need a replacement is foolish and ignores reality.
    •  Just until we have a president who (none)
      hasn't committed any impeachable offenses.  It might be much sooner than 2009, with our help.  I'm sure Sandra Day will patiently appreciate the spirit.
    •  Serves her right (none)
      After Bush v. Gore, why not let her stew for a few years?

      More seriously, this should not a factor. No matter how much she wants to retire, the business of picking her replacement is a deadly serious task, not to be rushed or taken lightly.

      I have a hunch that Reid's recommendation of Miers is pure political genius. As georgia10 pointed out in her recent diary, Miers has been tied so closely to Bush for so long that her nomination is a golden opportunity to grill a Bush loyalist over the whole roster of crimes and failures of this Executive and his cadre.  It's timed right as grand juries hammer DeLay, and prepare to hand down indictments against the conspirators in l'affaire Plame. Was she involved, however periphally, in Enron-style financial shenanigans by her firm's clients? Great! That plays right into the "corrupt Republicans" theme, and doubly so because she's so close to Bush.

      If, after all that, the Republicans vote to confirm her en bloc, with Democrats voting against (Reid is making happy noises now, but he did with Roberts, as well), then what do the Republicans look like? What do the Democrats look like? No filibuster necessary, as the Republicans will have voted to confirm an integral player in the same crimes and failures that are killing them in the public esteem. To the extent that Republicans realize this, and break ranks, the leadership won't be able to blame the Democrats without tarring themselves.

      I'm not sure that I'm right about this, but hope springs eternal. And while I have my policy differences with Sen. Reid, he's a master parliamentarian.

      •  I hope you're right (none)
        that is my preferred scenario too

        we'll need to dodge a bullet on the second nomination - there is also speculation among conservatives that miers is a stalking horse for someone like luttig - which means we need to have stomach for that fight too

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