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  •  Roberts is the ultra-conservative (none)
    I think that Roberts is the real ultra-right-wing judge that Bush wanted to get through. They probably saw that Rehnquist's health has been failing and he's been likely to go before 2008. This left them with a high confidence of another judicial nomination opening up.

    So without the extra documents released by the White House (the ones requested by the Dems), they kept Robers pretty well concealed. As people have noted, some of Roberts' answers (or, better, non-answers) are eerily similar to those of Clarence Thomas. Roberts is young and will stay on the bench for a long long time.

    Miers, on the other hand, is the "easy slip through" nomination. She represents not much value on the court. This probably is the centrist, and her older age makes her likely to pass away or retire by the time the political pendulum swings back to the Republicans.

    •  I don't see how anyone (none)
      can be an easy slip through when they have no judicial record to scrutinize.  How could anyone contemplate someone for the SCOTUS when they haven't even been a judge?  I don't care what kind of judge she may turn out to be - in my mind, we simply can't take the chance that she's 'moderate, to right of center,' particularly since she's a BushCo crony.  And even though her age may not put her on the SCOTUS for as long as Roberts will be there, it's just not worth the risk to let her slide. Of course, this is all IMHO.


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