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  •  Maybe the filibuster is an end in itself (none)
    I continue to think that the Bush administration doesn't care about much of anything beyond the next two years.  They are increasingly seeing that they will have less support in the Congress after 2006.  They don't really care about all of the moral conservatives' issues.  

    They do want to get a lot of legislation still passed in the next year, including the end of the estate tax, more oil concessions, and getting rid of more of that pesky endangered species act.  If they chose a real social conservative, they would have a filibuster on their hands that would tie up congress from pursuing the neocon agenda.  

    So, even if we think that this is a fairly innocuous appointment, we give Bush what he wants if we pass on the chance to filibuster.  Tying up this congress is the best thing we can do for this nation.  We have to make sure that we have reason to do it.  Lack of information about who is being put up to choose the course of the Supreme Court for the next 20 years seems to be a reason to filibuster.  

    Of course, this may play poorly in Kansas.  But stopping this administration from its agenda for even a few months is worth a lot.

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