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  •  WE may have won, but the country loses (none)
    it sure is great to stand up and shout that we won because Bush did not appoint a wingnut. But honestly, is it really good for America when Bush appoints people to work IMPORTANT jobs in our govt because they are friends of his? To me, it's refreshing to see that the right is dissappointed with the pick for these reasons. We are supposed to be the party to stand in the face of the corrupt cronies that run the country right now, yet it seems like some in the right wing are standing up to the president on this one while we pat him on his back.  
    She's not a wingnut!!! rejoice!!

    come on progressives....let's just call it like we see it. She is not qualified, other than being a friend of Bush. Who else was a friend of Bush? Mike Brown. look what we got from that.
     I dont think, given the amount of noise on the right, a filibuster would even be necessary. She could just be straight up voted no on. Republicans will vote no because they might try to distance themselves from the corruption that plagues the party now. The party is hurt. We cant go back now on being the party that stands for ethics and TRUE morality. This is an unethical move by Bush. Stand against it!

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