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  •  She's a TEXAN, okay? All bets are off (2.00)
    You're both right.  I think kos's point is very well articulated.  If the dame had been from somewhere else, I'd say that perhaps it was okay for wishful thinking.

    Not being bigoted here.  I just know how things work where she comes from.  I lived there for quite some time, and I even like it there, too.

    Texans take care of their own.  To expect an epiphany from Mier is just wrong and kooky.  They respond to their own kinds of societal pressures.  Look at who Bush surrounds himself, for pete's sake. It's Texas everywhere.

    We may be, for now, living in a Texas Nation.  It's a myth they've shoved down our throats, but a myth THEY live by.

    •  who the f### is they? (4.00)
      I'm from TX. So I'm they? I guess I'm the "they" that's committed to beating DeLay. And protested Bush and was suspicious of him and worked against him most likely before you even knew who he was.

      Get off your high horse. Great Texans like krazypuppy have been cataloguing the crap DeLay has been part of, and he will likely be instrumental in taking him out in 2006. So take it easy, alright?

      "Orthodoxy means not thinking- not having to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness." Syme from Orwell's 1984

      by jkennerl on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 08:19:37 PM PDT

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    •  You must mean (none)
      all those Texans (some of them rightwingers, no doubt) who worked hard to help hurricane victims when it didn't seem that anyone else was doing much in that area.

      Or maybe you mean Ronnie Earle.

      Or, more important, maybe you mean the two grand juries full of Texans who handed down indictments against DeLay.

      I'm sure you wouldn't slam the residents of any other geographical area (e.g., Iraq, Mexico, New York) this way.  

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