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  •  can, but very unlikely (none)
    Judges can be impeached, but this is rarely even attempted seriously, and no Supreme Court justice has ever been removed from office.  William O. Douglas is the only Supreme Court justice in the modern era to have been impeached; once in the 1950s, when he was acquitted of being a Communist spy, and again in the 1970s due to his being outspoken on liberal issues and allegedly activist, when the effort fizzled out upon realization that he hadn't actually done anything meriting impeachment.

    "See a world of tanks, ruled by a world of banks." —Sol Invictus

    by Delirium on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 10:07:01 PM PDT

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    •  Clarence Thomas (none)

      Is THE poster "judge" for impeachment of a Supreme Court Justice.  He really should be the first Supreme to be impeached.  He lied about the Anita Hill shit, and he lied left and right during his confirmation hearing.  He didn't just dodge answering questions, he outright answered in ways that were contrary to his real positions and opinions.  That is, by definition, he lied under oath and he mislead the Senate and the American people.  Impeach Thomas!

      "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." --9th Amendment

      by praedor on Tue Oct 04, 2005 at 07:37:02 AM PDT

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