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  •  But (none)
    I guess that after the Obama bashing, no one wants to write here anymore. That was just so wrong from many people here.
    •  I know people like to (none)
      think of things through their own lense, but telling Sen. Obama that we don't appreciate being bashed is not in turn bashing Sen. Obama. Some of us at least respect the guy and want him to live up to what he said he would be when he ran last year. Some of don't think that was reflected in what was mostly a diary about how there is only one side to this issue of civility in party. I believe in the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Civility is therefore a two way street. Smiling, and then doing say for example what Biden did to Dean without anyone complaining seems to me to be not calling all sides to task, and simply calling the further left of the party to task. I don't see how blaming one section of the party  solely for what ails the party is a solution. I saw many people who responded "why isn't he also saying this to the right leaning side of the party?" I don't see why that is bashing him.
      •  It was ridiculous today (none)
        Poor Obama. My gawd, the man is not fragile.

        The SCOTUS is Extraordinary.

        by Armando on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 10:26:32 PM PDT

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        •  I know, and I find it frustrating (none)
          I have found I've been getting it from both sides today because I actually see each sides point on a lot of these issues. I think the reaction to this nomination for example isn't about this nomination but is really about larger issues, just as the Obama situation is. It's about the perception that the left is just here to be dumped on. By the same token, I understand the position that not every move can be a big opposition move. And, yet, again, on the other hand the frustration mounts because the democratic leadership has not acted in any of the crisis points where they could demonstrated leadership by actually doing so through opposition. There are a lot of things going on here that I think these oversimplified arguments aren't reflecting. I wish someone would try to write something that reflects issues as they seem to truly be rather than just the parts that fit their arguments. I believe in simplification for the campaign trail of talking to the American people, bur for issues like vetting strategies and coming up with what are our values, I wish people would sometimes weighint things a little more than they are.
        •  He's not naive (none)
          The man is in politics.  I really doubt he thought there was ANY politically-focused site where he wouldn't find people of all sorts of opinions.  And that some wouldn't agree with him.  I don't think that people who disagree with him need to offer pretend kudos.  Sure, a few people went overboard, but I think there was a lot of honest passion that was expressed in a respectful, intelligent and thoughtful manner.

          It's not a chess match -- he's going to EXPECT least I sure as hell hope so!

          He isn't a fragile flower -- I doubt he ever planned to stay around for questions, but if he had a staffer monitor response, he got a wide range of input, which tells him that DailyKos isn't in dreamy lockstep, following some guru of Democratic thought.  Feedback can sometimes sting, but all feedback is valuable in some way or another.

          If a politician is shocked by criticism, then I'll be shocked.

        •  even more likely (none)
          Is that he didn't read the replies.

          "See a world of tanks, ruled by a world of banks." —Sol Invictus

          by Delirium on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 11:13:24 PM PDT

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