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  •  The Times (none)
    If anything, the Times does not go far enough.

    Miers is, simply, not qualified for this position.  It's not like she has made a career out of hiding her legal point of view in preparation for a judicial career (as Roberts arguably did).  It's that she chose a career in which the only way she ever considered her legal point of view is to determine how closely it meshed with her patrons, particularly Bush.  I can think of nothing more dangerous than a person with such unconsidered views sitting on the highest court in the land.

    This isn't, or shouldn't be, a fight about how she would rule on a specific case...THAT fight can occur if Bush nominates a crazy.  It is a fight about simple competence.  Democratic Senators (all Senators for that matter) have an obligation to the country to keep Caligua's horse from the Supreme Court.

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