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  •  Lowering the bar--yet again (none)
    I wish people would stop trying to be guardedly optimistic, or to withhold judgement, and just get down to the core of the matter.  Miers is a political hack; the reason she is a stealth candidate is not because Bush wanted to stealthily appoint a thoughtful, reasoning person to the Supreme Court.  He wanted a political crony.  Does anyone think a person who has worked in the Bush White House, who called Bush "the most intelligent man I've ever met" is going to be reasonable when it comes to labor issues?  Environmental issues?  

    How can a lawyer who has worked for the Bush White House honestly claim to be neutral when it comes to judging, oh, say, Oregon's Death with Dignity law?

    The truth is, watching the Democrats trying to wrestle with these nominees is sad.  No amount of withholding judgement (or for that matter, angry fulminating) is going to make an iota of difference in the outcome.  We don't have the votes.  The only dignified response is for our Senators to vote no.  Anything else is simply colluding with a president who is bent on advancing cronyism over good governmnet.  

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