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  •  I think they might (4.00)
    but only if the GOP nominates (in 08) someone who does not openly pander to them.   Guiliani, maybe.  

    I have never seen them as devoted to a candidate as they are Bush.  As a homeschooler, I unfortunately have plenty of exposure to the hard core fundy base.  They are 100% convinced that Bush is a righteous puppet of God (and that is the highest praise they have, though they phrase it differently).

    He sends constant 'code' phrases out to them.  For example, references to the Dred Scott decision during the Kerry debates - the Dred Scott decision is constantly cited as a parallel to Roe V Wade.  They are convinced that not only will Bush save America by banning abortion and gay marriage, but that Bush will save the entire world by keeping it on the right side of Armageddon via the Israel-end-of-days stuff.  

    In Israel, the settlements in the West Bank receive frequent money and visitors from evangelical churches.  There is even a Texas themed mini golf course on Ariel, the biggest settlement.  They are certain that we are in the 'end days' and that only by having a like-minded tool of God in the White House will America as a nation escape a toasty end.

    •  Home school (none)
      So are you being schooled or the schooler?
      My experiance with the schooled, both lefty and righty is that they can not function in pluralistic society, and are problems at work and school.
      Get help. Re-connect.

      ... and when they came for the liberals, there was no one to stand up for me.

      by UndercoverRxer on Tue Oct 04, 2005 at 08:12:07 AM PDT

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