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View Diary: Viguerie blasts Miers (125 comments)

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  •  Conservative or not (none)
    doesnt really matter. The term "taking points memo" wasnt invented on TV or the blogosphere. Its an actual thing...been around for a long time. Both parties and most special interests use them. Its all about consistancy of message. I suspect you know this though and are having a bit of fun at my expense.
    Why do you think that you should get "a talking points memo"? Do you have influence?    
    Are you in Rove's Rolodex? Are you a mover/shaker? do you have a valuable email list?
    You can bet that Viguerie gets periodic talking points, and he seems capable of spreading the word with his email list, no? Perhaps you get all the message thats intended for you from the blogs/News/media/email that you chose to consume?

    Aravosis gets Vigueries email for a reason, should we just assume that its because Viguerie doesnt know who Aravosis is? Or should we give him more credit than that? Why would the right wing spread their message to the left wing? Makes you want to say hmmmm!
    Thanks for the civil discourse.

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