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View Diary: Dobson: Waiting for A Signal from God (206 comments)

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  •  God told me (4.00)
    that Dobson is an asshole.

    Economic Left/Right: -7.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.13

    by calipygian on Wed Oct 05, 2005 at 12:35:50 PM PDT

    •  You're right (none)

      No more Melissa Beans!

      by Paleo on Wed Oct 05, 2005 at 12:46:50 PM PDT

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      •  God Must Be Subpoenaed! (none)
        What did God know, and when did she know it??
        •  Hate Biz/SUVs losing losing sales? (none)
          Funny, ain't it?  Wasteful, empty bloat going out of style?  New houses are being built smaller.  How about a metaphor?  The formerly gluttonish American people have acid reflux from their diet of Bush and Co. and Dobson is Crispy Creme.  The worst thing for the wingnuts would be for the great poor screwed American Unwashed to begin paying attention to what they're being fed
    •  An asshole who is NOT CHRISTIAN (4.00)
      I am so tired of these jerks pretending to be something they
      know absolutely nothing about. All he cares about is power and having his name on the news.

      Illigitimate non carborundum-- Don't let the bastards wear ya down!

      by fireflynw on Wed Oct 05, 2005 at 01:09:41 PM PDT

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      •  You're right (none)
        what's even more scary is the access this man has to the white house. The man is a nut!

        "The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in times of comfort and convenience but where they stand in times of challenge" - MLK

        by rickpolitic on Thu Oct 06, 2005 at 04:39:51 AM PDT

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      •  Ye shall know them by their works (none)
        I was born into the Church of the Nazarene. At the age of eight I converted, along with the rest of my family, to the United Methodist Church, where I had a "born-again" experience at the age of thirteen; after fifteen years as a Methodist I joined the Episcopal Church for a dozen years.

        At the age of thirty-five, after a life of devout youth work, music ministry, and service as a lay reader/eucharistic minister, I finally concluded that it was the Dobsons, the Falwells, the Robertsons, and the Ratzingers who were the real Christians, and that "Christian" was something that I no longer wanted to, or felt that I could in good conscience, be.

        You may object that such Christians are not very Christlike. I would counter that there are very few important things about the Roman era about which we know as little as the life of Jesus of Nazareth, and that the Jesus that civilized Christians worship is largely a fiction.

    •  ..that is FOS (none)
      but is worries me that his wacko comments mean that Rove told him to chill, that Miers will find time to overturn Roe v Wade while doing her Girl Friday work for the rest of the court.

      I am pro-life. Bring our troops home ALIVE!

      by Doc Allen on Wed Oct 05, 2005 at 02:59:13 PM PDT

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    •  ASSHOLIA then thou (none)
      Dobson and his KIND are not just assholes they are also fascist assholes.

      "It's better to die on your feet then live on your knees"

      by Blutodog on Wed Oct 05, 2005 at 05:37:40 PM PDT

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      •  and this is what they envision: (none)

        Dobson is on the bottom in the light blue jacket next to that freak Robertson (who's next to the other freak Jan Crouch)

        Cast of characters:

        Joel Pelletier is genuis even though that painting is the most disturbing thing I've even seen. Anyone who looks at it must be compelled to stop these people by getting out of the house and organizing locally. Blogging will not be enough.

        •  Seriously Disturbing (none)
          Yeah, the painting is too, but the characters in it are the ones who disturb me. I wonder how many will repent and begin to follow the teachings of Jesus.

          Democrats: Giving you a government that works.

          by freelunch on Wed Oct 05, 2005 at 06:56:54 PM PDT

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          •  thing about fundamentalism (3.50)
            is that the repenting part comes first, as in at the point of "conversion". after that they feel they are saved no matter what they do or say; since they accepted Christ, they are always forgiven. Faith alone, as they say.

            Faith without works is dead, is what I say.

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