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View Diary: Dobson: Waiting for A Signal from God (206 comments)

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  •  It can't get any worse (none)
    then a Bush Loyalist=(puppet) who is a born again radical religious zealot.

    I really beleive that she will if confirmed will do every bit as a Scalia and Thomas to turn back progress on civil rights, women rights, right to die issues, and so much more.

    This nation was only bearable because Sandra Day O'Conner held that slim sliver of sanity on many of her decisions on SCOTUS. ( with the exception of stripping Fl voters from their rights to have their votes counted and voting for the selection of Bush in Bush V. Gore, O'Conner was a moderate conservative.

    That is about to dissapear. There will be no  moderation,no middle ground.It's ying or it's yang.


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