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View Diary: BREAKING: NYC not-so-Imminent Subway threat TODAY? Bloomberg's Press Conf (116 comments)

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  •  fREEPI going nuts over Norman bomber (none)
    The local tv station there is doing a good job.  They have published reports citing the bomber's affiliation with the same mosque that Moussoui attended, how the police were watching the bomber because he aroused suspicions when purchasing ammonium nitrate fertilizer, and how the bomber attempted to enter the UO stadium during a football game.  There are also reports that the bomber's roommate was Pakistani and that other people may be involved.

    Freepi crying media coverup and wondering what's going on.

    •  What's going on is the locals (none)
      stopped the attack, with no help from "homeland security" at the federal level. To make matters worse the terrorist was white, meaning racial profiling is worthless. No story there.

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