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  •  Many excellent points TeacherKen (none)
    Also, the decline in test scores reflects an inherent weakness in the current fixation on substituting test prep for teaching. Specifically, the basic skills covered in the elementary grades better lend themselves to rote learning, drill and kill, than the higher order skills and knowledge at the secondary level.

    In addition where State assessments are not high stakes for students (as opposed to say California's High School Exit Exam) older students are savvy enought to know these tests don't really matter to them personally (though, of course NCLB driven sanctions can have a direct negative consequence). In the high schools in my former district the kids really didn't put much effort into these tests.

    Ye that dare oppose not only tyranny but the tyrant stand forth! - Thomas Paine

    by Lcohen on Sat Oct 08, 2005 at 08:22:39 AM PDT

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