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  •  What a Shame (none)
    What a shame that you had such a frustrating experience!

    At my school, we make the "Advisory" teachers responsible for this kind of work (sorry, it is another burden on the teachers, but we honor and respect their work, and it gives them better quality of work life).

    Our advisory teachers (what we used to call homeroom) spend a lot of time on organization - teaching kids time management skills (OK, tonite you will have homework in math, science and reading - and you have a social studies project due on Friday...  plus, you have soccer practice after school, and your family expects you to do dishes after dinner. Your favorite show comes on at 8, and lasts til 9. How do you make all of this fit? What do you need to have done in each hour?). This happens for all students, whether or not they have an organizational disability.

    I think this is why more and more schools are going to smaller learning communities within their schools.

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