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    That is the end answer.

    Dont know how you find the good ones to consult with. hitting all the meetings, talking with teachers, have kids in diverse interests. Is a good start. But I have been with parents that do all thos things ond were very bad at directing their childs education.

    We fought on a regular basis with pre-school thru about the 10th grade about what was proper.

    An example. Son went thru preschool that the elementry principle had direct influence on what was taught. upon kindergarten evaluation the school recomended we keep him back til he was six. Maxed out every single evaluation, had a 6th grade vocabulary, but we should wait a year. Why??? a June birthday! All of this teach and evaluation and it comes down to a birthday. Wow, these are proffessional. We said no, he is going to school. Got called into a conference with the principle, to convince to leave this to the 'proffessionals'. Didnt work. Got a call from the Superintendent. Short talk, we held our ground. At the end, the superintendent said, and I quote, "your son will fail. maybe not in a year or three, maybe not in Jr high, but I offer my personal assesment, your son will fail."

    2 semesters left in engineering school several academic scholorships earned after entering college, still waiting for tha 'failure'. Oh he also has has 2 offers to work full time at the 2 interships he has done. 60 g a yr and each would pay for the balence of his education.

    Should have listened to the proffesionals.

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