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View Diary: Are all the best punks English? (w/ poll) (105 comments)

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  •  The problem with these diaries is... (none)
    ...that they can't possibly include everyone that desreves to be included. And questions that reduce the choice to is this better than that are too limiting.

    Where would you put:

    • The Germs
    • The Adolescents
    • Agent Orange
    • Social Distortion
    • Bad Brains
    • The Avengers
    I could go on, but why?

    And across the pond:

    • The Buzzcocks
    • The Stranglers
    • 999
    • The Undertones
    • New Model Army
    • The Damned

    Those were the days...

    Or were they?

    • The Pixies
    • Nirvana
    • Smashing Pumpkins
    • Jane's Addiction

    OK, I'm done.
    •  Best Of lists are stoopid (none)
      in that they presume to an authority they never earn. How the hell is there a best Rock Album ever made out of millions of albums which are all good IN DIFFERENT WAYS? And why did the critics back in 1980 all say the Greatest LP was Sgt. Pepper's, but now the critics all say it's Revolver/ OK Computer/ Nevermind?

      I don't write these diaries because I think I can find a definitive answer, they're just a drawing board for dialog so that people who know some music can learn about other music.

      So let me learn you real good. Just kidding.

      Of your first six bands, people all say the Germs (and Darby Crash) were as punk as LA got. Aren't the others all second wave, 80s bands? I love Bad Brains. Just as well, since I don't have any good ones.

      Of your second six bands, New Model Army were later. Yes, you have good taste, the others are all great but underated punk bands, except the Stranglers (despite 'Rattus' and 'Heroes') were not true punks but fellow travellers - like the Police, they were old schoolers looking for a break. Perhaps that's just a quibble,since they did knock out classics like 'Peaches' and 'No More Heroes', which is more than Sham 69 ever did for punk.

      "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them" Albert Einstein

      by Brecht on Sat Oct 08, 2005 at 10:58:46 AM PDT

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      •  Best Of lists are amusing, but no more (none)
        And why did the critics back in 1980 all say the Greatest LP was Sgt. Pepper's, but now the critics all say it's Revolver/ OK Computer/ Nevermind?

        Different people, different generations. I would say it's Abbey Road. It seems like the Beatles are the unifying common denominator.

        Nice to see 999 mentioned. When I was in high school, I bought an album of theirs called Concrete because I'd heard the band's name, and the record was mid-line priced. Barely heard it mentioned anywhere else, but every track on it was great.

        I'm not black, but there are times when I wish I could say I'm not white. --Frank Zappa

        by Bob Quixote on Sat Oct 08, 2005 at 01:22:54 PM PDT

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    •  Easy (none)
      You listed a bunch of groups that 1) aren't punk, 2) suck ass 3)both.  

      Social Distortion?  Punk?  I thought they were like punkabilly godfathers.  They play most of the rockabilly shows down here it seems.  I can't put them in the same category as The Adolescents or The Germs.  I'll also give you the Buzzcocks.  They should have been up there.  

      In my mind, your last group aren't even anywhere near punk.  They're not even great-grandchildren of punk.  Why not The Vandals, Voodoo Glow Skulls, NOFX, or even late 80s/early 90s No Doubt?  They're punk and ska-punk bands who flippin' rock and put on great shows.  The best part about them is the lack of pretense.  They knew they were rich, white OC kids and sang about being rich, white OC kids.  Not like the rich, white OC kids who think themselves "punk" today and try to act like having to shop at JCPenney's is being "poor".

    •  Some other thoughts (none)
      The Avengers and Bad Brains were some of my punk influences. Although I was a huge fan of The Damned, I really find it difficult to label them 'punk' after 1985 - goth drama is more like it.

      How about the Oxnard groups? I am a huge fan of Dr. Know.

      Also, how about Sham 69 and the like? Can we classify those Oy bands as punk?

      I see someone mentioned Husker Du above. Certainly cannot forget them as a 'mature' punk group.

      Inquiry that does not achieve coordination of behaviour is not inquiry but simply wordplay - Richard Rorty

      by BuckMulligan on Sun Oct 09, 2005 at 01:35:17 PM PDT

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      •  Oxnard Groups? (none)
        I've never heard the term before.

        Oh, the Damned should have been Kings of Punk, the fools, they squandered it away. The first punk single (in the UK). The first punks on the telly. The first punk band to break up.

        Their first few albums were mostly great and then, like the Stranglers, they started playing with more synthesizers and less plot.

        Personally, I barely classify Sham 69 and the Oi bands as music, but if you know a good album of theirs to point me to I'm willing to reconsider.

        Husker Du? Punk? I mean, I see why, but they always seemed more of the hardcore/alternative 80s scene to me. Brilliant and powerful with hooks to spare.

        Incidentally, Mr. Mulligan, are you by chance stately and plump (no offense intended)?

        "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them" Albert Einstein

        by Brecht on Mon Oct 10, 2005 at 05:45:06 AM PDT

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